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Stuffed Pasta Shells

Pairs with Syrah.


  • 1 box of jumbo pasta shells (340g)
  • Favourite tomato sauce (approx. 1L)
  • 950g Traditional Ricotta (2 containers)
  • 275g Mascarpone (1 small container)
  • Small bunch of fresh parsley (fine chop)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 Tbsp. honey
  • 150g ground beef
  • 150g ground veal
  • 150g ground pork


To par-cook your pasta shells, boil a large pot of water. Make sure to salt your water.

Once water is boiling, add your pasta shells, and cook for 3 minutes. Strain water, and put them in a dish and set aside. The shells will be par-cooked making them pliable when we stuff them later on.

TIP: add a drizzle of olive oil on the pasta and mix to gently coat the shells. This will keep them from sticking together while you make your filling.

Cook the 3 meats in one pan until thoroughly cooked through. Season the meat with salt to taste, strain excess oil and set aside. You can substitute the meat with another container of Ricotta cheese if you would prefer a vegetarian version.

In a large bowl mix ricotta and mascarpone with chopped parsley and 3 tbsp of honey. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can add in red chili flakes as well if you enjoy a little kick!

Once mixed, add in your ground meat.

In a large oven safe baking dish, pour in your favourite sauce so that there is about ½ inch of sauce covering the bottom of the dish.

Now its time to fill your pasta shells, and place them into the sauce (cheese side up). Be generous with the filling – make sure they’re stuffed!

TIP: I fill a piping bag with my mixture and pipe the filling into the shells – less mess and much faster than scooping it in!

Once your shells have been filled and the pan is full, add in additional sauce around the shells. You should still be able to see the tops of the shells.

Bake in the over at 375° for approx. 30 minutes. Once you see the sauce bubbling, they’re done!

If you have leftovers or don’t want to cook them all at once, This recipe freezes very well!