4020 Locust Lane
Beamsville, ON L3J 2B5
Tel. 905.563.0668

Our Wine Lodge is open seven days a week year round (closed New Year’s Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day).

Monday-Saturday 10:30am – 6:00pm
Sundays 9am-5:30pm
Summer Hours: Jul/Aug Fri & Sat · 10am - 8pm
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Tips & Guidelines

Tips & Guidelines

Fielding puts the ‘FUN’ in Fundraising with an easy to use process, great resources, a dedicated Fielding team member to help your club or organization succeed. Plus the award winning wines make it that much easier to earn more and enjoy more!

Are you the main contact for your club or organization?

How to run a successful fundraiser:

  1. Fill out the contact form online
  2. Select your preferred dates to run the program
  3. Advise if the wine will be picked up by the organization or if a delivery quote is required?
  4. Collect all the order forms from supporters – via email or paper copy. You can then forward to Drita or drop off at the winery.
  5. All wine is packed per person/ family listed on the form and labelled.
  6. Wine is picked up by the organization or delivered on the agreed date ready to go!

Payment Tips!

Payment can be collected by the team/organization all together and submitted on due date (once totals are confirmed) via e-transfers or credit card. This allows the organization to benefit from air miles or other points collected.

OR individuals may also submit payment (visa, Mastercard or AMEX) on the form provided for Fielding to process separately.

Are you a parent or guardian?

  1. You will receive from your club/ organization fundraising leader an order form electronically and/or printed copy
  2. Once you receive your team/organization form, we encourage you to reach out to friends/family/coworkers. There are five columns to keep track of your orders. Print out as many form you need and number them before handing them all back to the your organizer! Ensure your family name is on all forms so your wine will be packed together for easy distribution.
  1. Your club/organization fundraising leader will have access to social media share graphics for you to share and use to help you reach out to friends and family.
  2. Your sales due date is set by your club/organization so please if you have any questions check in with your team lead!




How will I know how much each family/player earned from our total amount?

We provide a spreadsheet breaking down the amount each family/player earned towards the final cheque.

Is tax included in the price or do we have to add it on?

HST and bottle deposit are included in the price. We break the HST (13%) and bottle deposit (.20/bottle) out before calculating the 25% and show this on the final spreadsheet.

Will we have to sort orders?

No, orders are packed and sorted by family/player on our end.

If we don’t have a minimum purchase of $100 can orders be added together?

Yes, many families will consolidate their orders to reach the $100 minimum.

Can an organization collect the funds from the families and pay with one cheque/cash/credit card?

Yes, in this situation, we will still pack the orders by family/ player, and take one payment.

Can one family have multiple orders?

Yes, as long as the minimum of $100 is met, a family and have multiple orders. e.g. John Smith (Aunt Jane), John Smith (Mary Brown).
Orders will be packed under the family/player name – noting the separate orders.

When will we receive our cheque?

Cheques are given at the same time wine is picked up, provided all orders are received and we are not awaiting payment.

Can we arrange for delivery?

We encourage teams to arrange pick up on their day. However, we can arrange delivery to one location in Ontario and will provide a quote from the couriers we use.  We will be able to provide a delivery quote when you sign up and you can always change your mind and arrange pick up!

Can I raise money for my wedding?

No, sorry. This fundraiser is intended to support not-for-profit teams, organization and groups in the community.